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We are inspired by our mission & vision to develop leaders who learn to develop leaders.  Whether you are an individual, an entrepreneur that feels alone in your journey, or a corporation, we welcome the opportunity to come alongside you, help you, and encourage you on your leadership and personal development journey.  Please feel free to explore our resources and or engage with us in a conversation to determine how we may be able to serve you.

Project 12:02 is a movement inspired by a passage in the Bible that reads, "Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind..."  We can all agree that there are patterns in this world that are not right, from relationship struggles, to personal health challenges including physical, mental, and emotional health, to financial and career struggles.  It is a scary place to be and there are a lot of people struggling.

Rich Lohman

Rich is an International Coach & Consultant, a Speaker, and Corporate Trainer. As an Independent Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team, Rich leads both individuals as well an entire... companies on a quest to achieve non dependent high performance status. He is a high energy and authentic individual that has gone through his own share of growth in his career and will lead by example.

Steffani Gerard

Steffani Gerard has spent the last 10 years of her career leading various organizations across the non profit, health care, construction and manufacturing industries. As John Maxwell Certified Coach and... Certified Behavioral Analysis DiSC Trainer, and Founder of MOMENTUM Consulting Agency, she’s committed her career to creating highly effective teams and organizations that achieve revenue and profitability while maintaining balance and sustainability over time. A firm believer in John Maxwell’s quote, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Leadership is influence and Steffani is dedicated to developing those serving in leadership positions across all sectors to transform their lives and reach their highest potential.

Michael Rosso

Michael Rosso is a Talent Development and Organizational Health Consultant. After graduating from Hope College, he spent 9 years supporting the growth of a fitness business. Taking a company from 3 employees with one location to 75+... employees and 10 locations, Michael's elevated perspective on leadership stems from leading at every layer in the organization. What started as a seemingly humble fitness profession,grew to leading one location with 6 employees and eventually developed into becoming the Vice President of People Development of a multi-seven figure business. His favorite John Maxwell quote is, "your external success will never be greater than your internal growth."

Dave Rudin

For over 30 years Dave Rudin has invested his life developing people, building teams, and helping organizations to up level their leadership. As the Founder of Advance Leadership, Dave brings his experience as an international... trainer with The John Maxwell Team, church planter, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, member and chairman of various boards of directors. Leveraging proven leadership principles, hands-on experience and an energetic style, Dave shares hope that better is possible, challenging mindsets, beliefs and behaviors to help entire teams, organizations and communities create and equip effective leaders who are ready to inspire and engage lasting transformation.

Leigh Lohman

Leigh is an Institute for Integrative Nutrition certified Health Coach, a certified member of The John Maxwell Team, and a successful business woman. She brings a fresh approach to her teaching style... and is a self proclaimed "get it done girl".

Melissa Randall

Melissa Randall is the founder of Studio Hope, a personal growth and leadership development organization geared toward empowering women. She opened the door to Studio Hope after going through her own personal growth ... journey and discovering pouring into women and developing leaders is a big part of her purpose. Melissa has a background in Medical Administration and worked in Leadership positions for over 25 years. She has held leadership positions in large Medical Practices and multidisciplinary provider groups. She is a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Speaker & Coach and is committed to developing those who are committed to improving themselves. One of her favorite John Maxwell quotes is: "Change is inevitable, growth is optional."

Our group came together at first to grow ourselves and encourage each other in the growth journey to renew our minds to our challenges and resource ourselves to overcome those challenges.  And now we have organized our efforts to help others; from individuals who want to be more, do more, and have more, to entrepreneurs who are struggling and tied to their businesses and frustrated with their climb to success, to corporate teams struggling with leadership challenges, communication gaps, and trying to understand how to get everyone to work for a common cause.

We are all inspired by the teaching of John C. Maxwell and are certified members of the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team.  Much of our growth and teachings are attributed to our mentor and friend, John.

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