Passport To Growth

Introducing Passport To Growth.  A Leadership & Personal Development program designed for everyone.  Because GROWTH is the only HOPE that tomorrow will be better than today...

...for you!

...for your team!

...for your company!

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Learn it

Engage in at least one growth lesson each week.  We will prepare the lesson, provide a easy to follow along worksheet, and provide the space for you to engage with us and ask questions.

Live it

After the lesson is complete we give you reflection thoughts and questions and ask you to prepare a plan to implement what you learned in the week ahead.

Lead it

Now is the time to head into action to make your growth plan come alive.  This phase requires both you doing something and you sharing with others what you are doing so they can encourage and support you in your growth. 

Key Benefits

  • Helps retain employees.  
  • Appeals to younger generations seeking growth and development pathways.
  • Flexible for the busiest of schedules
  • Provides consistency in growth and development
  • Available to all levels of staff

How it works:

  • Weekly live teaching calls that are recorded and downloadable with open format Q&A
  • Downloadable worksheets to follow up as you learn
  • Action item challenges
  • An online community for accountability & encouragement



Meet Rich Lohman

Rich is an International Coach & Consultant, a Speaker, and Corporate Trainer.  As an Independent Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team, Rich leads both individuals as well an entire companies on a quest to achieve non dependent high performance status.  He is a high energy and authentic individual that has gone through his own share of growth in his career and will lead by example.

Meet Leigh Lohman

Leigh is an Institute for Integrative Nutrition certified Health Coach, a certified member of The John Maxwell Team, and a successful business woman.  She brings a fresh approach to her teaching style and is a self proclaimed "get it done girl".

Meet Dave Rudin

Dave is a leadership speaker, trainer and coach and the founder of Advance Leadership, a leadership and development company dedicated to sharing hope that better is possible, adding value to people, and growing influence through more effective leadership. In his free time, you can find Dave jamming out in the local music scene in the Chicagoland area as an accomplished musician as well.

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