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Corporate Programs


Do you want to grow a high performing team?  We have solutions to help you. In a day in age where silo's, poor teamwork, and bad communication seem to be the norm, we help corporate teams to create a high performing leadership culture.

If you are frustrated with underperformance, turnover, and low employee engagement, let's talk.

We will help you attract, retain, and develop top performers.

We will help you reduce lost revenue and increase performance.

We will help you develop new leaders and resource existing leaders to lead at a higher level.

We will help you improve company communication across the board.

Ask us about our leadership programs, sales programs, communication success programs, and teamwork programs.

Project 12:02 Corporate Program Products:

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Ultimate Leadership Operating System

This program is designed to incorporate online learning, group discussion, and one on one interaction of your leadership growth and development. 

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DISC Assessment

Our personality and behavior are shaped from three main areas: heredity, environment, and role models. Each of these three factors contribute to the makeup of who we are!

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Passport to Growth

Welcome to the Passport To Growth online leadership and personal growth membership community. We're glad you're here and can't wait to come along side you in your growth journey.

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Coaching for High Performance

Coaching For High Performance is a program designed to give leaders the essential skills to be able to coach their teammates effectively.

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Communication Success

If you want to be successful, to connect with as many people as you can and make a difference in their lives, you will need to improve your communication skills

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How to Grow Your Influence

This mini course is designed to challenge your thinking and inspire you to grow your influence so you can live your life to the fullest.

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Leading through Crisis Management

We are going to come together and learn from the World's best, John C. Maxwell, on leadership and then I will facilitate 4 separate discussions on 4 separate days.

"Are you struggling to achieve the results you’re aspiring for? Would you like to explore how a Project 12:02 coach can support you in becoming the best version of you while achieving the results you’re after? Complete the brief questionnaire below and book a strategy call with a Project 12:02 coach, to get started today!"


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